Pregunta Esencial: How do I exchange personal information when meeting new people? EP-Cultura: Greetings: Personal space in Spanish-speaking culture is generally smaller than in US culture. The typical distance between two people talking is 6-12 inches. When greeting, it is customary to shake hands. Many people also exchange a kiss on the cheek and a hug. What are some other greetings and farewells that you might know from other cultures?

We are working on the Lección preliminar. You should be practicing the vocabulary. Here is a file with the list of vocabulary for this lesson.

Write the Spanish word or phrase on one side of a 3" X 5" card, and the English translation on the other side. Illustrate your flashcards when possible. Be sure to highligt any verb ending, accent marks, or other special spelling that will need a bit of extra attention. Bring to the class and show to your teacher.

Let practice the Spanisn basic conversation vocabulario.

Difference between Ud. and Tú. when asking ¿De qué país eres tú/es Ud.?
¿De qué país eres?
1. Soy de México.
2. Soy mexicano/ mexicana. (Adjective Agreement)

Communicative Activity 10 -- Y tú, ¿cómo estás?

Simple Spanish Vocabulary Quiz

Spanish Introduction