COURSE SYLLABUS Spanish 1A (42419114E-mail:yolanda.breeding-hale@jefferson.kyschools.usClass Website: **http:/**
¡Bienvenidos! I am lucky to have you in my class this trimester and I am excited to get started. This trimester we will learn Spanishthrough a focus on language and culture and a strong emphasis on listening, reading, writing, and speaking.I have extremely high expectations for you, and you should expect that I will push you to achieve your maximum potential in this class. I look forward to working with each and every one of you throughout the school year.

Primary Text ¡Avancemos 1! and other appropriate materials.

Course Goals
In this course, you will learn to listen, read, write, and speak in Spanish. Throughout this trimester, you will gain a greater understanding of Hispanic culture and the Spanish language. The BIG GOAL for all students is to achieve an overall average of 80% mastery of vocabulary, grammar, and LSRW (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) in order to prepare oneself for success in future levels of Spanish and for life beyond high school. Most importantly, we will emphasize both personal responsibility and strong academic study habits throughout the year so that you are empowered to take charge of your own education and experience success not only in Spanish, but in other classes – and outside of school – as well.

Forms of assessment/grading scale:

25% Classwork and Homework (Warm-Ups, Class Notes and class work)
25% Participation (Active participation in all class activities is expected and required in order to
receive full participation credit. Some assignments that are created with a group and/or are
performed in front of the class. Speak Spanish every day as much as possible.)

20% Formative Assessments (Tests & Quizzes)
30% Performance assessments/Projects/WIKI Performance assessments and projects for this course can
be defined as achievement tests with a proficiency orientation that measure student
performance in the language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students are
expected to use technology to evaluate resources needed to solve problems, complete
assigned tasks using various Web 2.0 tools WIKI will be use to do group projects, classroom
discussion and debate,
Grading Scale
93-100 A Exceeds Standards
86-92 B Meets Standards
79-85 C Marginally Meets Standards
70-78 D Bellow Standards
0-69 U Unsatisfactory Performance
* Students and parents will be able to track individual grades and messenger online through Parent Portal IC.
Class Materials / $6.00 Class Fee(required)

Ö 3 Ring Binder (With sections for Warm-Ups, Classwork, Exit Slips, Quizzes and Performance Assessments)
This is absolutely essential in order to ensure you are prepared, organized, and successful in this class!

REQUIRED: SUGGESTED: Notebook for note-taking in class A box of marker
Flash Drive (only for Spanish class) Pack of Index Cards
3-ring binder to keep handouts, test/quizzes, etc. Ziploc bags (Gallon and Quart)
A Spanish-English dictionary (required) 1 Box of Kleenex

Classroom Policies & Procedures
Ö Work Bell to Bell: Learning time is precious and cannot be wasted. I expect you to work from the ringing of the first bell through the ringing of the last bell.Class will begin when “Buenos Dias” is exchanged.When bell rings, wait until dismissed with “Adios”.
Make a genuine effort to succeed and to speak Spanish

Ö Entering the Classroom: As soon as you enter the classroom, I expect you to pick up any handouts or packets. You should be in your seat by the time the late bell sounds.
Ö Warm Ups: You must write down the Daily Objective and complete your Esponja (Warm-Up) in your notebook within the first 10 minutes of class. The Esponja must be completed in its entirety or you will receive NO CREDIT.
Ö Tardies:If you arrive late to class, you must present a pass before entering the classroom.

Ö Using the Restroom: You are permitted to use the restroom only in cases of emergencies. You are responsible for all missed classwork during that time.

Ö Absences: If you have an UNEXCUSED absence, you will receive a zero on all assignments that day. If you have an EXCUSED absence, it is your responsibility. You may also go to the classroom website at home to print off the assignments for yourself (****). You will find the handout missing on the wall in front of the class Absent Look Here If you miss a test or quiz, Make-up test are given on Wednesday, after school in my classroom. No exceptions or else you will receive a zero.

Ö RE-TEST: If you make a low score on a test or a quiz you may come to tutorials the very next week to re-do the quiz or test. (after school)Please know that I am always available for extra help! If you would like to meet after schools let me know before I will make myself available to you. I am really looking forward to a great year with all of you!
Ö Electronics: There are to be absolutely no electronic devices visible or used in the classroom.
Ö Copying &Cheating: Academic integrity is very important both in high school and beyond. As per school policy, cheating will result in an administrative referral and a zero will be given for the assignment or exam.
Ö Cursing: There is to be no profanity or any other inappropriate language or behavior in the classroom. The classroom is a safe environment and no one should ever be made uncomfortable by someone else’s words or action.
Classroom Rules

  1. Be on time. Tardy note required.
  2. Be respectful of yourself, others, and all property.
  3. Be prepared for class with appropriate materials.
  4. No food or drinks or gum are allowed.
  5. Dress Code will be strictly enforced.
  6. All classroom interactions (permission to go to bathroom, etc) will be carried out in Spanish.