All assignments will be posted here the day they are assigned. Unless noted otherwise, those assignments will be due at the beginning of the following class period! Requirements for assignments: 1. Assignments should be submitted ON TIME - late work will NOT receive credit. 2. If an assignment is incomplete it will NOT receive credit. 3. Students should make an ATTEMPT at EVERY question, even if they're not entirely sure they are doing the exercise correctly.

Tarea 1

Write the Spanish word or phrase on one side of a 3" X 5" card, and the English translation on the other side. Illustrate your flashcards when possible. Be sure to highligt any verb ending, accent marks, or other special spelling that will need a bit of extra attention.

Due date:

Tarea 2

Fill in each question with the appropriate question word.
1. ¿ estás hoy?
2. ¿_ es tu clase favorita?
3. ¿_años tienes?
4. ¿_ empieza la escuela?
5. ¿ cuestan los libros?
6. ¿_ vienes?
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