Bring something realted to our class and present it to the class! Here are some examples

Extra credit can be earned by:
Demonstrating in a creative way that you understand or have learned one of the learning goals for your unit
  • creating a ilustrate book you can help you from the website at the bottom.
  • creating a comic from voki or other.
  • or any other creative way that you can show off what you have learned in Spanish!!
  • Bring something from a Spanish-speaking country!

Create your own animation.

Create a set of 15 flashcard with the unit vocabulary. It must have pictures on one side and Spanish words on the other.

Due date :

Create a story about you and Email me at

Due date:

Write a description about your best friend or someone.

Due date:

Verb Chart Template You can use this template to create your own verb charts You might want to use different colors to highlight the endings, the stem changes and the accents.
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