Classroom Phrases Classroom phrases are used in many situations to describe or explain something to a person, or even to tell a person what to do. For example, "Abran los libros" would be telling you to open your books. Another example would be, "Cierren los libros" which means close your books. There are many different words that you will hear and maybe even say in the classroom throughout your life. All of these words have there own different meanings. These are some more classroom phrases with their meanings:-
  • Escriban... - Write...
  • Escuchen.. - Listen (to)...
  • Lean.. - Read..
  • Levanten la mano. - Raise your hand.
  • Miren el pizarrón. - Look at the chalkboard.
  • La foto. - the photo.
  • Pásenme la tarea. - Pass in the homework.
  • Repitan. - Repeat.
  • Saquen un lápiz. - Take out a pencil.

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¡Buenos días! bway-nohs dee-ahs
Good Morning

¡Buenas tardes! bway-nahs tard-ays
Good Afternoon

¡Buenas noches! bway-nahs noh-chays
Good Evening, Good Night

¡ Hola! / ¡Chao! oh-lah / chow
Hi/ Bye

Por favor. por fah-bor