el lunes(Mon) 16 de septiembre

We reviewed days of the week.

We learned how to describe the weather.


Print Weather notes to fill in:

Learn how to describe the weather. Wacht the video and do the Ejercitación and turn in to your teacher.

Due date:

For more practice I provied this link StudySpanish


Write the Spanish word or phrase on one side of a 3" X 5" card, and the English translation on the other side. Illustrate your flashcards when possible. Be sure to highligt any verb ending, accent marks, or other special spelling that will need a bit of extra attention. Bring to the class and show to your teacher.

La cancion del tiempo


Wether Report

Te gusta el invierno

Create you own comic an e-mail to you teacher.(extra- credit)


1. Write a paragraph. Choose 5 people (real or imaginary) from around the world. Tell me what city or country each person is from and what the weather is like there. YOU may be one of those people
Ejemplo: Natalia es de Antartida. Hacefrio….

martes 17 de septiembre

Review for PRELIM PART TEST, ON Friday!!

Be able to listen to phone numbers and write them down
Answer basic questions about days of the week and weather
Describe the weatherUnderstand classroom commands
Apply knowledge about introducing yourself, saying how you feel, saying where you’re from, describing the weather, saying your phone number in written form.
Be able to SPEAK about all of the above topics