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Useful Expressions in Spanish

We reviewed introductions.

SEE ppt

Song ¿Cómo te llamas tú?

TAREA(homework):fill in vocab sheet, review abc's and greetings (use flashcards on
miércoles 4 de septiembre.
We reviewed alphabet and greetings/saying where you're from. Students worked in groups to create dialogues using the Prelim vocabulary and will present their memorized dialogues to the class.

Song:¿De dónde eres tú?

TAREA (homework): Memorize lines to present dialogue THUSDAY, review for quiz on FRIDAY (see Thursday's notes for notes to print to review for quiz)

DIALOGUE: Write a formal or informal dialogue. BE CREATIVE! Everyone speaks. Memorize lines.
Include vocab from Leccion Preliminar:

-Preseting new peopel to each other
-Asking/saying where you're from
-Closing farewell

jueves 5 de septiembre.

We reviewed numbers and practiced incorporating numbers bigger than 20 in saying our phone numbers.We reviewed saying phone numbers.

TAREA (homework): practice/review your numbers vocabulary! (especially #1-20)

el jueves (thurs), el 6 de septiembre

We reviewed saying phone numbers.
We practiced the days of the week, asking and answer what day is today.

Print and fill in Days of the Week notes:

SEE class ppt

Song Los días de la semana.