Spanish Speaking Country Page

A. Choose 1 Spanish speaking country (write your name next to the country on the sign up sheet in the person for each country -- no two people can have the same country) to research and create a Power Point. Do all the activities and answer all questions.

B. Use the search engines and Type the name of your country and what you are looking for in the keyword box. For example, for the first question if your country is Argentina, type in, "Argentina Map". Go through the search results looking for the answers to the questions below.

C. You can also go to Click on the map to find your country. This will have specific information about the country. This site is also in Spanish.

(1) Mapa y Bandera/Map and Flag: Cut and paste a copy of the map and flag

(2) Ubicación/Location: ¿Dónde esta ubicado? Where is it located? Que continente? What continent? Que paise o agua esta al norte, sur, este, y oeste? Which countries and/or bodies of water are in the north, south, east, and west?

(3) Capital/Capital: ¿Cuál es la capital? What is the capital city?

(4) Clima/Climate: ¿Cómo es el clima? What is the climate like?

(5) Población/Population: ¿Cuál es la población que existe en tu pais? What is the population?

(6) Gobierno/Government: ¿Qué tipo de gobierno tiene el pais? What type of government does the country have? Quien es el presidente? Who is the president? Cut and paste a picture of the president.

(7) Plata/Money: ¿Cuál es la moneda? What is the currency? Cut and attach a picture of the currency. ¿Cuál es el valor de la moneda en comparación con la de Estados Unidos? Compare the value of the currency of your country to that of the United Status.

(8) Comida/Food: ¿Cuál es la comida tipica? What is the typical food of the country?

(9) Cultura/Culture: ¿Cuáles son las celebraciones más importantes? What are the most important celebrations? Como lucen los ropas tipicas? What do the typical clothes look like? Cut and paste a picture of the typical clothes.

(10) Religión/Religión: ¿Cuáles son las religiones que más se practica? What are the most practicad religions?

(11) Música/Music:¿ Qué tipos de música tipica se escucha? What type of typical music is there?

(12) Fotos/Photographs: Muestra me cuatro fotos del pais. Cut and paste four pictures of the country.