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I am so glad that you are here! This site is designed to provide you with a window into what our students are working on in Spanish class.On this website, you will find your homework assignments, some in-class lessons, extra help and more!

This wiki is a space for you to work at home so that you can keep reading and listening to Spanish when you're not in class You can also find links to your current vocabulary, videos, games, and other resources for you to learn more about the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures.
More and more people in the United States are learning Spanish. Even in Europe, right after English, it is the foreign language of choice. It is an official language on four continents and according to some statistics it has more native speakers than English does.Did you know that over 400 million people are Spanish-speakers?

Infinite Campus Grades

¡Avancemos! is our textbook. The following links are from and they will help you to better study and assist you at home.

username: pais
password: martinez

Be sure to use the home tutor, audio/video files, games, self-check, get help, and culture webcasts resources to study. Remember to choose 'high school' curriculum ¡Avancemos 1.

CREDITO EXTRA: Many students ask me, during the Trimester, if I offer any extra ceedit. Here is your chance! Follow the directions on the link I provided below and bring at least 5 new words you learn from it. Visite esta página web: .

One more....
Here is a link to a website which features articles about Hispanic Heritage Month. Read one article and write a few key points (3 to 5 sentences) in Spanish describing what the article is about or any information you learned from it and I will give you extra credit DO NOT use any translator to help you with the sentences or I will not award you any credit. Keep the sentences simple and use your own Spanish skills.

Speak in Spanish as much as possible, whenever you can!

Symbaloo is easy way to acces some web-page you will use in class.